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Protecting Property from Nesting Birds

This home in Southwell, Nottinghamshire had previously been a nesting site for House Martins

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Protecting Property from Nesting Birds

House Martins nest in the UK between May and August and this can cause a problem to home owners as noise and mess can be excessive.

At this particular address, it had become almost impossible to open windows in summer due to noise, especially early on summer mornings. The House Martin typically builds its mud nest under the eaves of a building and this does bring it in to conflict with home owners when mess on windows can become a huge problem.

We always encourage owners whose homes are affected by this problem to perhaps think about installing artificial nests at sites around the building where conflict won't occur. Although these artificial nest may not ever be occupied, it's thought that their presence may encourage House Martins to build nests in more 'appropriate' places.

In the meantime we've installed safe and unobtrusive netting to deter our feathered friends from sites directly above windows and ventilation.

If you have a problem with nesting birds please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team...

Protecting Property from Nesting Birds