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Protecting Chickens from Avian Flu

With bird flu currently on the rise in the UK we were asked to help protect these chickens.

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Protecting Chickens from Avian Flu

Quite an unusual but understandable request: Protect our chickens from avian influenza. 

After some discussion we decided the best course of action would be to install bird netting to prevent wild birds from coming into contact with these domestic chickens.

Bird flu can easily spread between wild birds and with the availability of food in this garden it's easy to understand how keeping wild birds away from the chickens is was of concern to the owner.

Never pick up a dead or sick bird, instead report it to DEFRA by calling: 03459 335577.

More information the current situation regarding Avian Influenza can be found by visiting:

If you require bird netting or bird proofing get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team...

Protecting Chickens from Avian Flu