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Pigeons in Bulwell and Solar Panels

Life got really messy for this Bulwell resident, when the pigeons moved in...

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Pigeons in Bulwell and Solar Panels

As you can tell by the photos, pigeons were really starting to have an impact on these solar panels and if left for much longer could have affected the health of residents. The pigeons were not only creating vast amounts of poop (guano) but it's the light summer mornings when the noise really kicks in.

We were called in to carry out a quick clean up and more importantly install our superior strength pigeon mesh system. It has no impact on the effectiveness of solar panels and does not damage them in any way but it does make it impossible for pigeons to set up home under and around the solar panels.

Have you got a problem with pigeons around your solar panels? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgable team - we're based in Nottingham but provide bird proofing throughout the UK.

Pigeons in Bulwell and Solar Panels