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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Nuthall

We got a call from the homeowner after they realised they had a pigeon problem

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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Nuthall

The solar panels were installed nearly a year ago and then suddenly last week, pigeons took an interest and it didn't take long for them to start nesting.

If you've got solar panels sooner or later the pigeons will arrive along with the mess and noise. Blocked gutters can quickly follow as the guano and general debris builds up.

In this case we were called in quickly enough and the mess was kept to a minimum. We installed our super-strong pigeon mesh and the pigeons soon lost interest.

Got problems with pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgable team...

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Nuthall