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Pigeon Proofing a Care Home

Solar panels at this care home in Nottingham had been invaded by pigeons

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Pigeon Proofing a Care Home

The owners of this care home had certainly done the right thing by installing solar panels to offset energy costs. The problem started to occur shortly afterwards when pigeons invaded.

Almost immediately after the solar panels had been installed, pigeons started to occupy the spaces around and underneath the solar panels. It rapidly reached a point where there could have been a risk to the health of residents but the owners acted quickly and called us in.

We pigeon proofed 100 solar panels spread across three sets. A good job done and a safer environment for residents.

Need solar panels pigeon proofing? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgable team... We're based in Nottingham but work throughout the UK.

Pigeon Proofing a Care Home