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Pigeon Netting at the Gurdwara

Although we're based in Nottingham our bird proofing services are available throughout the UK, as shown here in the north east of England...

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Pigeon Netting at the Gurdwara

This Gurdwara in Darlington was being plagued by pigeons and as with most older buildings there were plenty of nooks and crannies for pigeons to take advantage of. 

The Gurdwara is not only a place of worship but represents the center of local Sikh life and this includes food preparation so it's vital that the surroundings are kept immaculately clean.

We were called in after it became obvious that some sort of deterrent was needed and we quickly set about surveying the building and installing appropriate pigeon netting.

Problem solved.

If you have problems with pigeons then please contact our friendly and knowledgable team. We're conveniently based in Nottingham for serving the whole of the UK.

Pigeon Netting at the Gurdwara