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Pigeon Netting at Nottingham City Hospital

Protecting generator housings and the wider area against mess and nuisance caused by pigeons

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Pigeon Netting at Nottingham City Hospital

The disruption and damage that pigeons can cause to electrical and machanical equipment should never be underestimated. Pigeon droppings (guano) dry and then turn to dust, which if inhaled are a severe health hazard.

Pigeons are attracted by the warmth and comparative security of buildings like this and so it's important that a comprehensive approach to protection is taken.

Pigeon netting in a situation like this prevents a concentrated build up of droppings and therefore helps cut down the risk to equipment but above all, human health.

If you wish to prevent problems with pigeons or you already have a problem, get in touch...


Pigeon Netting at Nottingham City Hospital