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Pigeon Control in Gotham

Our caped crusaders have been up on the rooftops of Gotham - no penguin, no joker, just those pesky pigeons again!

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Pigeon Control in Gotham

We received a call on the bat phone to let us know there was trouble in Gotham...

Pigeons had started to take up residence under the solar panels of this property in Nottinghamshire and really were starting to make a nuisance of themselves.

Our specialist pigeon mesh won't damage or compromise your solar panels in any way but it will stop pigeons from nesting and generally making noise and mess on your roof.

Job done and we were soon in the bat mobile and back to Wayne Manor (well Arnold).

We offer pigeon control and solar panel protection in Nottingham and throughout the UK. Get in touch with out friendly and knowledgable team...

Pigeon Control in Gotham