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Feral Pigeons and the Mess they Create

Working at a site in Nottingham city centre, to remove guano (pigeon droppings).

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Feral Pigeons and the Mess they Create

It's not pretty and it's certainly a health risk. Some of our urban environments end up becoming pigeon playgrounds and they really do leave a mess.

It's not just the mess that pigeons create, it's also the risk to health if the mess is left to build up. 

You can see from this example, that even over a short space of time, if feral pigeons get entrenched they can create a real problem that needs regular cleaning up, or the introduction of pigeon netting in order to control access by birds.

If you have a problem with feral pigeons, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Although we're based in Nottingham, we work throughout the UK.