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Bingham Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons

Working from our cherry-picker today to install solar panel mesh protection

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Bingham Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons

"The height of summer and we should be enjoying the songbirds instead of the constant cooing of pigeons" That's how this client in Bingham described the problem. Not only that but the mess and general nuisance caused by pigeons inhabiting the void under the solar panels.

Due to the nature of the premises it was safer and much quicker to bring in our cherry-picker to gain access to the roof where we installed our superior pigeon mesh: It won't damage your panels or affect their efficiency. It will improve your life!

Suffering with pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team... We're based in Nottingham but work throughout the UK.

Bingham Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons